25OH Vitamin D3, RIA CT, 96 tests

The DIAsource 25OH Vitamin D3 RIA is a competitive RIA assay, specific for the D3 form of 25OH Vitamin D.

The assay is calibrated to the ID-LC-MS/MS reference method developed by Prof. Dr. Linda THIENPONT from the Ghent University in Belgium, as encompassed in the Vitamin D Standardization Program initiative. It shows a high correlation with other commercially available LC-MS/MS and RIA assays.

At first calibrators, controls and samples (serum or plasma) are extracted with acetonitrile. A fixed amount of 125I labelled 25OH Vitamin D3 competes with the 25OH Vitamin D3 from either extracted samples, controls or calibrators for a fixed amount of specific antibody sites immobilized to the lower and inner surface of plastic tubes.

After 2 hours incubation at room temperature, an aspiration step stops the competition reaction. The tubes are then washed with 3 ml washing solution and counted in a gamma counter.

A RUO version is available for US customers. Contact our customer services for more information.