ACTH, IRMA, 96 tests, RUO (Research Use Only)

The DIAsource ACTH-IRMA is a two-step immunoradiometric assay based on coated-tube separation.

It allows the determination of intact human adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) in EDTA plasma.

Monoclonal antibodies specific to the 1-24 ACTH fragment (N-terminal fragment) are attached to the lower and inner surface of the plastic tubes.

Calibrators or samples are added to the tubes.

After 2 hour incubation, washing removes the occasional excess of antigen, mid-regional and C-terminal fragments.

125I labelled polyclonal antibodies specific to the 24-39 ACTH fragment (Cterminal fragment) are added.

After 1 hour incubation and washing the remaining radioactivity bound to the tube reflects the intact ACTH concentration.