CgA, RIA, 100 tests, RUO (Research Use Only)

The intended use of these reagents is the determination of chromogranin A in human serum or plasma.

The basic principle for determination of chromogranin A with the chromogranin A RIA kit is the competitive radioimmunoassay using antibodies against human chromogranin A. Chromogranin A in calibrators and samples compete with 125I-labeled chromogranin A in binding to the antibodies. The 125I-chromogranin A binds to the antibodies in an inverse proportion to the concentration of chromogranin A in calibrators and samples. Antibody-bound 125I-chromogranin A is separated from the unbound fraction using the double antibody solid phase technique. The bound fraction of 125I-chromogranin A is measured in a gamma counter. The result shall not be used for clinical diagnosis or patient management.