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Gastrin, RIA, 100 tests, For Research Use Only

The intended use of these reagents is for assay of gastrin in human serum. Gastrin in serum is assayed by a competitive radioimmunoassay using a rabbit antiserum raised against a gastrin 17 albumin conjugate. Gastrin in calibrators and samples compete with 125I-labelled gastrin-17 in binding to the antibodies. 125I-gastrin binds in a reverse proportion to the concentration of gastrin in calibrators and samples. Antibody-bound 125I-gastrin is separated from the unbound fraction using the double antibody-polyethyleneglycol precipitation technique. The radioactivity of the precipitates is measured. The antiserum used in this assay cross reacts with gastrin-34 and the sulphated forms of gastrin-17 and gastrin-34.The result shall not be used for clinical diagnosis or patient management.

Catalog # MD302RUO
Format RIA
Label I125
Size 100 tests
Sample Type Serum
Sample Volume 100 µL
Controls 2 levels
Range 15,6-500 pmol/L
Sensitivity 3,97 pmol/L
Incubation 1,75 h
Shelf Life (weeks) 11
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