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07/31/2018 News

DIAsource ImmunoAssays adds two Product Line Acquisitions to establish unique position in the RIA market. 

DIAsource continues to consolidate business in IVD segment of manual kits and open automation.


AACC Chicago, USA. (August 1, 2018) ­– DIAsource ImmunoAssays, the international clinical diagnostics company part of the BioVendor group, today announced it had successfully completed simultaneous transactions for the acquisition of the full assets of two radioimmunoassay product lines from its partners Svar Life Science (Sweden, previously known as Eurodiagnostica) and ZenTech (Belgium), as well as the Neolisa™ CgA ELISA product from Svar Life Science. 

DIAsource is Belgian-based vertically integrated diagnostic company specialized since 30 years  in the development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of immunoassay tests and open instrumentation solutions for clinical medical diagnostics. Its product catalog features over 190 ELISA and 140 RIA assays.
The company has direct sales representation in Belgium, France and Spain and strong sales in Middle East, Asia, and South America through a network of over 100 sales and distribution partners in over 70 countries worldwide. 

The recent transactions strengthen DIAsource's and BioVendor's position as one of the top RIA and larger ELISA manufacturers, committed to servicing customers worldwide that use manual assays and open automation to complement their portfolio on closed automated systems.

The portfolio that will be transferred to DIAsource consists of more than 30 specialty assays as well as  hybridoma cell lines for the production of the monoclonal antibodies. It features ao Chromogranin A in both RIA and ELISA versions, thyroid markers such as Reverse T3, various other parameters such as Aldosterone, Glucagon, and Vasopressin, and many more esoteric specialty biomarkers.

RIA is one of DIAsource's key segments alongside ELISA kits, where the company has thirty years of experience with its endocrinology panel including androgens and diabetes markers. The last five years DIAsource developed a successful Vitamin D franchise based on an open OEM business model. And last year it acquired the Viro-Immun infectious diseases ELISA business.

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DIAsource ImmunoAssays (formerly BioSource), experienced diagnostic manufacturer of RIA-ELISA-LIA immunoassays, validation on automates, large scale production of Antibodies-Point of Care Tests.

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