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Pro-INS Intact, ELISA, 96 tests

Proinsulin kit is a sensitive two-site sandwich enzyme linked immunosorbent assay. The microtiter plates are coated with a monoclonal antibody (S2) specific for epitope at the C-peptide/insuline A chain junction. S2 is able to bind intact PI, des (31,32)-PI and split (32,33)-PI but not insulin, C-peptide and the other “des” and “split” forms. Prior to use a blocking buffer is added to the allocated wells. An aliquot of patient sample is then added to the wells and incubated. The wells are then washed to remove unbound antibody and other serum compounds. In a second incubation time, an enzyme labelled anti-proinsulin antibody (S53) is incubated in the wells. This antibody is specific for the epitopes at insulin β chain/C-peptide junction. S53 is able to bind to intact PI, des (64,65)-PI and split (65,66)-PI but not insulin, C-peptide and other “des” and “split” forms. The combination of the two Mabs has the ability to detect only the intact human proinsulin. After washing away any unbound enzyme labelled anti-proinsulin antibody, the enzyme activity is measured by adding a chromogen substrate. The intensity of colour development is proportional to the concentration of proinsulin in the patient sample. (I) Paule Housa et al. “First direct assay for intact human proinsulin”. Clinical Chemistry 44:7, 15414-1519 (1998)

Catalog # E-BX-96
Format ELISA
Label HRP
Size 96 tests
Sample Type Serum, Plasma
Sample Volume 100 µL
Controls 2 levels
Range 2,5-100 pmol/L
Sensitivity 0,6 pmol/L
Incubation 1,75 h at RT with shaking
Shelf Life (weeks) 60
Calibration WHO 09/296

Due to local registration requirement, this product can not be sold in Canada, Australia – without prior registration.

For Japan and Brazil, specific registration requirements are necessary. For more information, please contact: regulatory.affairs@diasource.be.

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