RIA, we will always love it!

We are one of the few remaining independent RIA manufacturers worldwide. As a RIA market leader in diagnostics, pharmaceutical and research labs, we strive to deliver sustainable solutions in selected fields of specialties. We therefore continue and remain committed to offer RIA specialty assays in the fields of auto-immunity, bone metabolism, cancer markers, cardiac and salt balance, diabetes, fertility, growth factors and thyroid function.

Assays requiring high sensitivity and precision are covered by our RIA technology. Diasource exclusive and extended product range offers valuable tools in diagnosis and monitoring of several disorders in the field of Endocrinology.

DIAsource is committed to RIA

Our commitment in the field of RIA’s is stronger than ever. We distribute our RIA products in more than 80 different countries.

Or goal is to continue supporting our customers in the field of Radio-Immuno-Assays.

Production is ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified and all assays are CE-marked. Products are delivered in a coated tube format, fitted in racks ready-to-use.

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DIAsource ImmunoAssays offers an extensive menu of more than 75 Radio-Immuno-Assays (RIA) in the following endocrinology fields:



Bone metabolism

25OH Vitamin D, 1,25(OH)2 Vitamin D, PTH

Cardiovascular & Salt Balance

Renin, Aldosterone, Cortisol,VIP, Vasopressin, 11-desoxycortisol

Diabetes Metabolism

Insulin, C-Peptide, AIA, Glucagon, aGAD , aIA2, PP


Free Testosterone, Estrone, DHEAS, DHEA, DHT, 3-Alpha DIOL G,
17 OH Progesterone, Testosterone, Estradiol, Androstenedione

Growth Factors

Somatostatine , IGF-1, IGFBP-3IGFBP


TSH, T3,T4,FT3,FT4,TSH-Receptor, Rev T3, Tg-Ab, TPO-AB

DIAsource proposes also a replacement programme of Siemens (DPC) or Diasorin RIA assays.

Background on DIAsource ImmunoAssays

The company has a long-term presence in the diagnostic and life sciences business and can count on over 30 years of expertise in developing, manufacturing and sales of high quality RIA based in-vitro diagnostic products.

Origin of the company is a spin-off of a government funded research organization in the field of Nuclear Medicine (L’Institut National des Radioéléments-IRE, http://www.ire.eu/).The original company (Medgenics) was acquired by BioSource International Inc. (CA) in 1996 and re-named into BioSource Europe s.a.

BioSource International and BioSource Europe were acquired by Invitrogen (Later Life Tech and now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific) in 2005. Management and private investors made MBO and acquired BioSource Europe in 2007. Company was re-named into DIAsource ImmunoAssays soon afterward.

Company moved headquarter and production to its own facilities at Louvain-La-Neuve. DIAsource ImmunoAssays SA currently employs about 65 employees in Belgium. Today DIAsource ImmunoAssays SA offers worldwide distribution of one of the most complete portfolio of RIA products, as well as technology support services.

Our track record

  • Production of RIA kits since 1985, with constant increase in production quantities.
  • We have taken over and integrated RIA products and production lines from other companies.
  • Our products are also offered as OEM via our partner companies in 90 countries worldwide.
  • We produce RIA kits for other companies.

What sets us apart

  • Rich asset of in-house developed hybridoma’s and monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for all common endocrinology parameters and specialty markers.
  • 100 % control over total production process: from antibodies to finished kit.
  • Use of coated tubes for improved robustness.  
  • Coated tubes mounted in dedicated racks for ease of handling.
  • Many years of expertise in manufacturing, handling and logistics of radio-active materials (tracers and finished goods).
  • Portfolio of niche and specialty assays.

For more information about our RIA product range : peter.kerckx@diasource.be

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DIAsource ImmunoAssays (formerly BioSource), experienced diagnostic manufacturer of RIA-ELISA-LIA immunoassays, validation on automates, large scale production of Antibodies-Point of Care Tests.

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