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During the last 30 years, we have developed manual ELISA and RIA immunoassays for the diagnosis and monitoring of a wide variety of endocrine disorders.

We also provide immunoassays in the fields of virology and auto-immunity.. We constantly reworked and developed specific antibodies for use in our diagnostic assays and we offer these antibodies also to other diagnostic companies.

Constantly looking for new technologies and applications, we put our expertise in the development of new antibodies and assays to measure relevant biomarkers. 

We are strengthening our position in the diagnostic market by validating our ELISA assays on our open automate. These innovation mark a turning point for our company, and makes of DIAsource, already renowned in the RIA market, a complete diagnostic provider.

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DIAsource ImmunoAssays (formerly BioSource), experienced diagnostic manufacturer of RIA-ELISA-LIA immunoassays, validation on automates, large scale production of Antibodies-Point of Care Tests.

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