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HBV, HBeAg/Anti-HBe, ELISA, 96 tests

HBeAg / ANTI-HBe ELISA is an enzyme immunoassay diagnostic kit, for in vitro qualitative testing of HBeAg and Anti-HBe in human serum or plasma. For HBeAg detection, HBeAg / ANTI-HBe ELISA adopts the "sandwich principle" (Antibody Antigen Antibody) as the basis of the assay. When Anti-HBe coated wells and Anti-HBe HRPO conjugate are incubated with specimens containing HBeAg, (antibody)-(antigen) -(antibody HRPO) complexes are formed on the wells. After washing to remove unbound materials, TMB substrate is added and color develops in proportion to the amount of HBeAg bound. The color development is stopped by adding stop solution. The Optical Density of developed color is read with a suitable spectrophotometer against 450 nm/620-690 nm. For Anti-HBe detection, HBeAg / ANTI-HBe ELISA adopts the " Neutralization Principle".When specimen is incubated with Neutralizing Solution for Anti-HBe in the well(s) coated with Anti-HBe, The HBeAg from the Neutralizing Solution for Anti-HBe will be neutralized by Anti-HBe in the specimen. The more the concentration of Anti-HBe, the less the concentration of remaining HBeAg, and finally the lower the Optical Density developed.

Catalog # KAPG4BNE3
Format ELISA
Label HRP
Size 96 tests
Sample Type Serum, Plasma
Sample Volume 100/50 µL
Controls 3 levels
Sensitivity HBe Ag : 0,59 PEI Units/ml-Anti-HBe : 0.30 PEI U
Calibration PEI HBeAg Standard

Due to local registration requirement, this product can not be sold in Canada, United States, Australia – without prior registration.

For Japan and Brazil, specific registration requirements are necessary. For more information, please contact: regulatory.affairs@diasource.be.

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