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DRG Instruments GmbH, founded in 1973 by Dr. Geacintov as a subsidiary of DRG Int. Inc., USA, is a diagnostics manufacturer and distributor with successful operations in over 60 countries.The DRG Group focuses on high technology medical diagnostic areas such as Diabetes Diagnosis, Gynecology, Oncology, Immunology, Virology and Toxicology. DRG Instruments specializes in the manufacture of enzyme immunoassays (ELISA’s) in ields like fertility, diabetes and tumor diagnosis. The DRG ELISA kits compete efectively in both price and performance in all major world diagnostics markets.
DRG is a ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certiied company. The highly skilled DRG Staf of medical, clinical, marketing and service specialists are experts at taking innovative technology to market through local territory knowledge and contacts, end-user training, education and cost efective inancial and logistical support. DRG’s internal Research and Development personnel enables DRG to develop and quickly modify T according to individual customer requirements. The DRG-Development and Immunoassay production facilities are located in Marburg, Germany, in addition to OEM manufacturing in the USA.
A range of new, occasionally unique, ELISA kits have been developed. The DRG Group operates through a network of DRG Subsidiary Companies in Germany, Poland, Russia and the Czech Republic, and through Distributors in Europe, the Middle East, China, Africa and the Paciic Region. This infrastructure ofers access to specialized medical markets in most major countries around the world. DRG develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic ELISA test kits for use in clinical and research laboratories. The experience of DRG’s production and management team guarantees to provide high quality products, competitive prices and excellent customer service. DRG ofers highest quality, providing excellent performance and reproducibility with a convenient and easy to use format. ELISA kits with breakable microtiter wells, one component substrate solution, short incubation times and a long shelf life. DRG’s ELISA kits are available in versatile formats to meet individual customer and market requirements.Simple protocols and room temperature incubations reduce errors and technician time.

  • Automatable
  • Versatile. Compatible with most available equipment
  • Added conidence in results
  • Assured continuity of supply. Control of production methods results in economic prices
  • Microtiter Wells -breakable (12 x 8)
  • Long shelf life (minimum 6 month at 2-8°C)
  • Good correlation to established RIA‘S
  • Direct determination in serum or plasma
  • Speciic, Sensitive
  • Convenient and Economical
  • Fast
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DIAsource ImmunoAssays (formerly BioSource), experienced diagnostic manufacturer of RIA-ELISA-LIA immunoassays, validation on automates, large scale production of Antibodies-Point of Care Tests.

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