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Angiotensin II, RIA, 100 tests

After extraction of the plasma samples, angiotensin II is assayed by a competitive radioimmunoassay. This radioimmunoassay is using a rabbit anti-angiotensin II antiserum and a radio-iodinated angiotensin II tracer. Bound and free phases are separated by a second antibody bound to solid phase particles, followed by a centrifugation step. The radioactivity in the bound fractions is measured and a typical calibration curve can be generated.

Catalog # KIPERB320
Format RIA
Label I125
Size 100 tests
Sample Type Plasma
Sample Volume 1 mL
Controls 2 levels
Range 4,7-150 pmol/L
Sensitivity 2 pmol/L
Incubation Overnight
Shelf Life (weeks) 11

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