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We recently received FDA approval for our 25 OH Vitamin D ELISA assay


We recently received FDA approval for our 25 OH Vitamin D ELISA assay. This approval is a milestone for our company. It not only proves the quality of our assay but it also allows us to enter into the US market with this exciting product. This assay uses our patented (patent pending) monoclonal antibodies and the amazingly simple all-in-one ® technology.  This technology allows the assay to be automated on any open ELISA automate in a blink of the eye. The simplicity of the technology has been highly appreciated by our customers and made the assay a huge success in Europe and Asia immediately after launching in 2012.

The proprietary monoclonal antibodies and the all-in-one® technology are further used to develop 25 OH Vitamin D assays on other platforms and in different formats. We launched a free 25 OH Vitamin D ELISA (RUO) using the same monoclonal antibodies jointly with Future Diagnostics. This assay will allow researchers to demonstrate the importance of the free 25 OH Vitamin D fraction in different human races or in specific pathologic conditions.

The story for Vitamin D is certainly not yet ended. We will launch a 1.25 dihydroxyvitamin D ELISA by end Q3 that will complete our Vitamin D portfolio for the diagnostic market  and a species-specific rat 25 Hydroxyvitamin D ELISA for the research market  (RUO).

With all these different assays for Vitamin D, the concomitant experience and knowledge (IP, patented products) and all the different raw materials (antigens and antibodies) our company is positioning itself as a specialist in the world of Vitamin D.

Don’t hesitate to contact DIAsource for whatever question you may have with regard to this fascinating world of Vitamin D.

Dr. Jef Vangenechten



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